Apps for Divorcing Parents

FAQ: Why use a co-parenting app?

It centralizes communication and helps with organization. Even for divorcing or divorced parents it has been my experience that the apps provide a less emotional vehicle for communication. Using an app can also limit the he said, she said phenomenon.

FAQ: What can an app do to help with scheduling?

Most apps provide an ability to use a shared calendar and allow you to provide notice to the other parent in the event of a schedule change. I represent many families with children who have special needs. Often the scheduling complexities of outside therapies, doctor’s visits are daunting to intact families. In divorced families, managing the scheduling is even more daunting. An app that gives a calendar and notifications regarding changes is essential and reduces the stress of constant communication.

FAQ: My ex and I share expenses for our two children. Are there apps that track expenses?

Yes. Not all apps have an expense tracker, but most do. The list of common apps and their features is listed below.

FAQ: My wife has been very verbally abusive on the phone when we discuss anything to do with our kids. Can an app help eliminate the tension or the constant fighting via phone or text?

The answer is yes. The apps aren’t perfect and for someone who is constantly angry they may not resolve that completely. However, I have been involved in high conflict divorces where the court may order that all communication ( with the exception of an emergency) be conducted through an app. This does reduce much of the free-floating anger and allows for more detached communication.

Apps for Coparenting

Our Family Wizard

A divorce couple created the Our Family Wizard platform to help keep communication between co-parents as harmonious as possible. Each parent has their own account, and can then add as many third party, child accounts and professional accounts as the require at no extra cost. Attorneys and mediators are examples of third- party accounts. There is an option extra called a ToneMeter. This is designed to pick up on negative tones in a message and giving you an alternative that’s less likely to start an argument. It also tracks and logs communications, providing access to accurate records that may be used in court proceedings.

Costs: $99.00 per year with a thirty- day money back guarantee. Each parent must subscribe. The ToneMeter is available for an additional $10.00 charge annually.

Talking Parents

Talking Parents is an app that is free for the basic subscription. It has fewer options even with the upgrades at an additionally monthly cost. This app is a good option for parents who want to an ability to communicate with a secure system that allows the parties to keep a record of communications.


Cozi is a free co-parenting app that allows you to set up shared calendars, create to do-lists, share photos and other information. The basic version is free. It can be shared with anyone who needs to access the shared calendar and other information. Upgrades are available.


  • Shared Calendar
  • Tracks Expenses
  • Mobile Access

Cost is $99.00 per year per parent.

Most of the apps offer a free-trial period. Determine which one works for your situation. Discuss the use of the app with the other parent. The courts in high conflict situations may require parties to utilize apps for communications and this is often incorporated into a court order.

If you are contemplating divorce or struggling to co-parent with the other parent or want advice on how to proceed legally to achieve the best outcomes for you, your children and family. Call me to discuss how our firm can assist you in this journey. (312)-640-0500 or via e-mail at

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