Mary “Micki” Moran, J.D.

Micki Moran, J.D.Micki Moran is the founding partner of The Child & Family Law Center of the North Shore. She dedicated her practice to children and families who need effective and capable legal advice and representation. Her areas of experience include special education, school discipline, juvenile justice, mental health and complex child custody matters. She was the attorney in T.H. v. Palatine case (autism).

Micki founded this law practice on the philosophy that children and their families often require a multi-disciplinary approach to intervention. She has extensive litigation experience in a variety of forums. Micki volunteers as a board member to other agencies committed to children’s legal issues and is on the adjunct faculty of Loyola Law School.

Under her direction, the office has developed a network of professionals who collaborate with our staff to address the often complex needs of children and families. The staff that she has brought together understands that legal advocacy is only one component of an effective intervention strategy. She is admitted in Illinois and Ohio.

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