Pending Legislative Changes Impacting Special Education

Illinois House Bill 3586

This bill was supposed to apply only to Chicago Public Schools. However, due to a “drafting error”, the bill reads that the following will apply to every school district in the state. If the bill is signed by Governor Pritzker, the following will be the case.:

  1. All school districts will be required to send home copies of all documents that will be reviewed at an IEP meeting at least three business days prior to the meeting. (Excluding placement and related service minutes.)
  2. All school districts will be required to keep service logs for each provider and to make these service logs available at each IEP meeting and to notify parents about these logs at the beginning of each year. And, if the services are not implemented consistent with the IEP, the District must notify the parents about the fact that they have not been implemented as soon as possible, including information about the right to request compensatory services. These logs must be provided to parents upon request.
  3. All school districts will be required to utilize Response to Intervention (“RTI”).

If these changes are applied to all school districts, this would be very pro-child legislation. The Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education (“IAASE”) is opposed to the bill’s applicability to all schools. Let’s hope that the governor signs this into law as it is.

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