Reflections on Late Summer

Watering flowersI am never in a back to school mode until after Labor Day. It is a by-product of growing up in an era when school didn’t start until after the 1st of September and the last few weeks of August were treasured for the fleeting days of summer. School seems to start earlier each year and what used to be a quiet period during the summer for my office is also part of bygone days. Summer is anything but quiet. Schools may be closed but as all of our parents know, disability doesn’t take a summer vacation. This means that for parents and many children with disabilities the struggle goes all year. Summer becomes the time to gear up for the next hurdle with the school or to play catch up with skills that will be needed for the next grade. This week,  having realized that I was about to miss summer entirely, I determined to do something fun every week for the next three weeks. I too remember when my own son was being tutored while his friends were swimming or otherwise doing something other than school on a hot August day and I committed to enjoy summer and remember how quickly they pass.

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About Micki Moran

Micki Moran is the founding partner of The Child and Family Law Center, Ltd. She dedicates her practice to providing legal assistance to children and families who are in need of representation in the areas of special education, disability law, juvenile and young adult criminal law, abuse and neglect, guardianship, and mental health issues. Micki's practice is founded on the principle that children and their families require and deserve excellent legal representation with a multidisciplinary approach that works with multiple systems of care and creates communities that support and improve the quality of all peoples' lives.
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