Help: Do I need an Attorney?

Despite the difficultiLegalesees some parents encounter, most disputes between school district and parents are resolved without the need for interventions from attorneys. That is the good news. However, as evidenced by my practice that has continued to grow over the years, there are times that parents need to seek legal counsel. In an effort to clarify what situations occur where legal counsel may be necessary, the following are some rules of thumb to use as guidance to the common question, “Do I need an attorney?”

  1. If your child has been arrested at school. (Or elsewhere)
  2. If your child is being recommended for expulsion.
  3. If your child is unsafe at school. (e.g. severe bullying, suspected abuse)
  4. You are seeking a therapeutic day placement for your son or daughter and the district is refusing to consider your request.
  5. You are seeking a residential placement for your child.
  6. You and the district can no longer have a meaningful discussion regarding your child’s educational needs.
  7. Your child is making little or no progress and the district refuses to listen.
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About Micki Moran

Micki Moran is the founding partner of The Child and Family Law Center, Ltd. She dedicates her practice to providing legal assistance to children and families who are in need of representation in the areas of special education, disability law, juvenile and young adult criminal law, abuse and neglect, guardianship, and mental health issues. Micki's practice is founded on the principle that children and their families require and deserve excellent legal representation with a multidisciplinary approach that works with multiple systems of care and creates communities that support and improve the quality of all peoples' lives.
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